eRAM Training

eResearch offers various methods of learning how to complete and submit applications and amendments in the new Animal Management system.

The eResearch Animal Management Training website offers reference materials and access to the available training.

UM researchers can access My LINC and search for the eRAM101eRAM Creating Applications (online learning) online class explaining the eRAM environment, how to enter the application, and how to complete and submit the application.

Animal Use Personnel Training

The UM is mandated by federal regulations to provide a program for education and training of animal care and use personnel. All personnel must be trained in the proper methods and techniques prior to beginning any procedures involving the use of animals.

The ULAM Training Core offers free training to all animal care and use personnel working under a IACUC-approved protocol. Most classes are presented on a regular basis and are typically one or two hours in length. Depending on the subject, classes are taught in lecture or workshop format to give the students an optimal learning environment. Valuable hands-on experience is offered in the workshop courses. Information and materials are continually updated to include the most current procedures available.

Please contact the ULAM Training Core for any questions or concerns about training classes.

Phone: (734) 763-8039

UM Researcher Training

UM Research Training Website: This site links to workshops and classes offered by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Division of Research and Development Administration (DRDA) & Financial Operations, the Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship (PEERRS), and Center for Advancement of Clinical Research (CACR).