Animal Concern Hotline: (734) 763-8028

The University of Michigan is strongly committed to the humane care and use of animals in research, testing and teaching. Any member of the faculty, staff or public having reason to question the treatment of animals at U-M is encouraged (and should) report any suspected cases of animal abuse, misuse or mistreatment. U-M will not tolerate any misuse or neglect of animals.

Reports are investigated on behalf of the IACUC by the Animal Care and Use (ACU) Office staff and, if necessary, by a (ULAM) veterinary faculty member. Immediate steps are taken to ensure that animal care and use are appropriate and that animal welfare is sustained. The IACUC is apprised of these investigations and their outcomes at their monthly meetings and makes further recommendations, if warranted. Reports and sources of information are maintained in confidence within University guidelines.

To Report a Concern

Complete the Animal Concern Anonymous Submission Form or contact any of the following:

Animal Concern Hotline

Attending Veterinarian

Chair, Institutional Animal
Care and Use Committee

Institutional Official, U-M Office of Research

U-M Compliance Hotline







Anonymous reports are acceptable and all are investigated. The identity of anyone making an anonymous report will be held in strict confidence.  Federal laws prohibit discrimination or reprisal for reporting violations of standards and regulations promulgated under the Animal Welfare Act.