Animal Concern Hotline: (734) 763-8028

The University of Michigan is strongly committed to the humane care and use of animals in research. The University Committee on Use and Care of Animals (UCUCA) maintains an Animal Concern Hotline, operated through the UCUCA Office, to provide a mechanism for UM staff members and members of the public to report any matter of concern about the humane care and use of laboratory animals at the University.

Reports are investigated on behalf of the UCUCA by the UCUCA Office staff and, if necessary, by a (ULAM) veterinary faculty member. Immediate steps are taken to ensure that animal care and use are appropriate and that animal welfare is sustained. The UCUCA is apprised of these investigations and their outcomes at their monthly meetings and makes further recommendations, if warranted. Reports and sources of information are maintained in confidence within University guidelines.

Animal Concern Anonymous Submission Form