Veterinary Guidelines

Obtaining Veterinary Care: Outlines the hours and contact information for the ULAM veterinary staff, including how to contact the on-call veterinarian during weekends and holidays.

Animal Quarantine & Conditioning: Guidelines per species for quarantine and conditioning of incoming animals, and for transportation of animals on campus or off campus.

Procedure Guidelines: Guidelines for procedures such as tail biopsy, blood collection, rodent identification, and rabbit antibody production.

Surgical Guidelines: Guidelines for survival surgery on rodents and non-rodent mammals, and for surgical suites.

Anesthesia & Analgesia: Guidelines per species for use of anesthesia and analgesia.

For more veterinary guidelines, please go to the ULAM website.

Vertebrate Animal Section Grant Questions Worksheet: A worksheet created by UCUCA to assist in addressing the five points of the Vertebrate Animal Section of NIH grant applications.

Town Hall Meeting: Presentation in March 2015 discussed surgery and tumor monitoring records, protocol-funding congruency, controlled substance monitoring program, and the upcoming AAALAC summer 2015 site visit.

Town Hall Meeting Presentation on April 18, 2012 dicsussed integrity in science, adverse consequences, updates with eRAM and the ULAM Training Core.

Town Hall Meeting Presentation on November 9, 2011 discussed the Furmite concerns on campus, the new Deputy Institutional Official of the Animal Care and Use program, new UCUCA training requirements, the DPS See Something! Say Something! program, and what is upcoming with the eRAM program.

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