Animal Procurement & Disposition Forms

NOTE: All animal procurement forms are now available online through the eRAM system. Paper forms will no longer be accepted. Disposition forms will still be submitted via the paper form below.

Training material for completing online animal use forms is available on the eResearch Animal Management Training Webpage.

Form 8225-C: Intra-University Transfer or Sale of Research Animals: Now identified as Transfer Animals between UM Protocols in eRAM. For obtaining animals from other investigators for use under your protocol. Do NOT complete this form if you are using the ULAM rat recycle program (see below).

Form 8225-C: Rat Recycle Program: Now identified as Transfer Rodents To, or Request Rodents From, Reuse Program in eRam. Acquire or donate rats, free of charge, that are SPF housed and have not had any experimental manipulation.

Form 8225-D: Non-Traditional Procurement of Research Animals: Now identified as Report Non-Traditional Animal Acquisitions in eRAM. Monthly reporting form for all animals obtained by means other than purchase or intra-university transfer. Non-traditional means of procurement include breeding progeny, donations, capture, etc. Do NOT complete this form if you complete the Notification of Delivery form for ULAM.

Form 8225-A: Acquisition of Mice Scheduled for Euthanasia: Now identified as Transfer Rodents To, or Request rodents From, Reuse Program in eRAM. Special permission required. Contact ULAM Husbandry for more information. For obtaining adult mice at no charge for use under your protocol that have been scheduled for euthanasia.

Record of Final Disposition for Dogs and Cats: Describes what happens to each dog or cat at the end of a study. Types of disposition include euthanasia, transfer, donation, sale, adoption, etc.